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Functional Medicine Testing

Kelli at a computer

Work with one of our Functional Medicine practitioners to figure out which tests would be appropriate for your condition and develop a treatment plan to treat anything the testing reveals.

Alternatively, you can order your own testing through our LabShop through Rupa Health, and one of our practitioners will briefly review the results with you.

If you are interested in full body cancer screening with a single blood draw using the Galleri Test, click here.

If you do not see a specific test you would like done, send us an email or call/text 817-662-2550.

Things We Can Test For:

  • Nutrigenomic Testing
  • Gut and Microbiome
  • Heavy Metals & Detox Pathways
  • Toxins & Mold
  • Dietary Allergies & Sensitivities
  • Nutrition Status & Deficiencies
  • Advanced Hormone & Metabolite Testing
  • Advanced Autoimmune Panels
  • Advanced Inflammatory Markers
  • Biomarkers for Longevity and DNA Health

We have every test you can imagine! A few examples of tests we have available.

screenshot of lab tests

Frequently Asked Questions