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Relaxation Station

The Complete Holistic Wellness Experience

Welcome to your space. Welcome to the R&R Relaxation Station. It’s a place designed with you in mind.

  • Zero-gravity chair that makes you feel light as a feather? Check.
  • Relaxed brain waves or guided meditation? Check.
  • Weighted blanket and weighted eye mask? Check.
  • Aroma therapy? Yes.
  • Normatec and PEMF treatments? Absolutely.
  • IV Hydration? Always.

Each nuance, every detail, is curated to create your personalized holistic wellness journey.

Pick from the list of holistic therapies and enjoy the break from reality in our miraculous zero-gravity chair.

  • Guided Meditation OR Balance your brain waves with BrainTap using noise-cancellation headphones
  • Weighted Eye Mask & Weighted Blanket
  • Custom Aromatherapy Diffusion
  • PEMF with infrared heat
  • Normatec leg or arm compression (or both!)
  • Red light therapy — targeted or full-body
  • IV infusion or ozone therapy

A retreat where you can disconnect from the hustle and reconnect with yourself.

It’s where every breath takes you one step deeper into relaxation, into wellness, into you.

Ready for the journey?